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Josh Schwarzberg has over 25 years of experience negotiating complex deals. While he actually started his informal business career at age 10 by selling flowers door to door with his grandmother, he formally started his business career after college in Investment Banking at Goldman Sachs and then at HIG Capital. After receiving his MBA from Harvard Business School, he has successfully founded, invested in and led multiple firms along the way, all while negotiating contracts across various contract sizes and industry sectors.


Analyzed Costs exists to help companies buy better.

After buying a company in the Midwest out of bankruptcy, we were tasked with negotiating against some of our largest commercial clients for contract extensions. Through numerous negotiations across many client verticals, we learned that most commercial clients, regardless of company size, have difficulty entering into contracts at the most attractive pricing as a result of asymmetrical information that makes up the buying process and/or lack of time and experience in the spend category.


As a result, Analyzed Costs was born to address this fundamental commercial need.


Clients can count on our expertise to deliver best-in-class savings, while using our contingency-based fee structure to eliminate risk.


Clients can count on quick results and personal attention, working directly with our nimble team of master negotiators and me.


Clients can count on Analyzed Costs to look out for them at every turn. To be transparent. To be humble, collaborative and deeply committed.


We LOVE this stuff and we make ourselves available to clients 24/7/365 to do so. Let us show you the Analyzed Costs difference.

— Josh Schwarzberg, Founder & CEO

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